Ukraine - EU, Cooperation in metrology

The INOGATE Programme is an international energy co-operation programme between the European Union, the littoral states of the Black & Caspian Seas and their neighbouring countries. The co-operation framework covers the areas of oil and gas, electricity, renewable energy and energy efficiency. INOGATE is also concerned with the broad energy security strategies of both the Partner Countries and the EU.

Until the end of 2006, the INOGATE Programme was funded under the EU's Technical Aid to the Commonwealth of Independent States (TACIS) Programme.  Since 2007,  the INOGATE Programme is funded under the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI),The INOGATE Programme complements other EU programmes that promote development of new infrastructural projects.

INOGATE programme aims to act as a catalyst for attracting private investors and international financial institutions to support the development of energy production, transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Co-operation in framework of the INOGATE Programme between NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and EU has begun in November 1998, when the list of priority projects to be financed by the INOGATE Programme  was identified.  Within the project 97.03 “Priority investments into oil and gas infrastructures” (more details) the construction and commissioning of the Gas-Metering Stations in Grebenyky (Ukraine) for metering gas exporting from Ukraine to Moldova, and GMS Kaushany (Moldova) were completed as well as upgrade and modernization design of GMS Kobrin in Belarus.

In October 2001 the European Commission at the INOGATE Regional Working Group meeting has confirmed its intention to support the creation of the Eastern European Regional Centre for Natural Gas Metrology and decided to allocate funds for the implementation of the project entitiled: “Financing of small-scale investments to regional oil and gas infrastructure in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova”, within the framework of which the Metrological Centre received unique equipment produced by leading European companies.

Ongoing INOGATE projects

The new EU project financed under ENPI “Validation, certification and commercialisation of the Eastern European Regional Centre for Natural Gas Metrology” (more details), was launched in October 2008. The project has being performed by leading European metrological institutions NMI (Netherlands) and PTB (Germany).

Besides, four related EU-funded projects have been initiated:

  • Harmonisation of gas and oil technical standards and practices in Eastern Europe and Caucasus (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaidzhan, Armenia, Georgia) (more details);
  • Safety and security of main gas transit infrastructure in Eastern Europe and Caucasus (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaidzhan, Armenia, Georgia) (more details);
  • Improvement of standardization, market analysis, metrology and legislative metrology, and consumer policy in Ukraine;
  • Feasibility studies for expanding the Boyarka Centre to include oil, oil products, liquefied gas metrology, satellite monitoring for optimization and control of hydrocarbons transit flows & to offer training facilities (more details) .
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