Metrologic structure subdivisions

Department for chemical analysis of gas composition

Key specialist: Ms. Elena Andreeva, e-mail:
Key specialist: Mr. Valentin Zapashnyi, e-mail:
Department includes:
  • Laboratory for gas chromatography;
  • Laboratory for calibrating gas mixtures.

Laboratory for gas chromatography

The laboratory is intended for transmitting unit size of components particle in gas mediums   by chromatography and natural gas analysis.

Laboratory services:
  • analysis of pure gases;
  • analysis of multi-component gas mixtures content;
  • compositional analysis of natural gas;
  • determination of gas caloric value;
  • determination of gas density;
  • calculation of Wobbe index.

Laboratory for calibrating gas mixtures

The laboratory is intended for preparation of gas mixtures, using the installation by Instromet International, Mettler Toledo (Switzerland) companies, which allows to reproduce the molar particle unit of components in gas mediums and to prepare verification gas mixtures for calibration of devices and chemical analysis. The basis of such process is gravimetric method of preparation according to ISO 6142:2000.

Laboratory services:

  • preparation of verification gas mixtures using gravimetric method and method of partial pressure.
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