Metrologic structure subdivisions

Department for gas physical parameters metering calibration

Head of Department: Mr. Sergiy Dekhtyrchuk, e-mail:
Department incudes:
  • calibration laboratory of pressure metering equipment;
  • calibration laboratory of temperature metering equipment;
  • calibration laboratory of gas humidity and density metering equipment.

The main task of the Department is to perform works on testing, calibration, metrological attestation of metering equipment for temperature, pressure, humidity, density including those that form a part of own reference standarts of volume and volumetric flow rate of natural gas and calibration rigs of Metrological Centre. Besides, the works for external clients are carried out outside the Metrological Centre using the mobile standarts units.

Calibration laboratory of pressure metering equipmentàííÿ

Equipped with stationary primary, secondary and mobile operating standards of pressure, manufactured by Ruska (USA) and Druck (Great Bitain), that provide metering, calibration and verification of pressure metering equipment within the metering range of 1.4 kPa – 20.7 MPa.

Laboratory services:

  • Calibration of absolute, excessive and differential pressure manometers, calibrators and metering transducers;
  • Precise metering of pressure within the range of 1,4 kPa - 20,7 MPa.

Calibration laboratory of temperature metering equipment

Equipped with standards (on the level of State primary temperature standard), secondary, operating and portable operating standards of temperature manufactured by ISOTECH (Great Britain) and Tek Know (Denmark), provide traceability of temperature unit within the range of - 38°Ñ to 550°Ñ during graduation of temperature operating standards.

Laboratory services:

  • Calibration of standard thermometers 1st and 2nd class within the range of - 38 ºC to 550 ºC;
  • Calibration of temperature calibrators;
  • Calibration of operating metering equipment.

Calibration laboratory of gas humidity and density metering equipmentàííÿ 

Laboratory services:
  • calibration of gas dew point and humidity equipment with uncertainty ±0,1%;
  • calibration of gas density metering equipment with uncertainty of ± 0,1%;
  • precise metering of gas humidity and density.
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