About Metrological Centre

Today Ukraine, operating one of the most multibranch gas-transport systems in Europe, meets a number of challenges concerning proclaimed national course to the comprehensive integration into the European scientific and economic space.

It requires, inter alia, harmonization of the Ukraine reference and written standarts with the European norms and practices, bringing technic specifications of Gas-Measuring Stations in conformity to the best European standards, ensuring the most accurate account of natural gas at all key stages of its extractions, transportations and distribution. 

The national joint-stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has created in Boyarka, Kyiv region, “The Metrological Centre” – foundation that has concentrated the most modern facilities for metrological maintenance of measurements conducted on regular basis in the oil and gas industry. Here any can find not just complete set of all needed test equipment, but the whole calibration chains of metrological services which allow to track results from field measuring equipment of the Customer, through a set of secondary and primary standards of leading European metrological institutes.

Being the Main organization for Metrological services of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the Metrological centre carries out coordination of activities supporting unity of industry measurements, and also an organizational-methodical management of the Base organizations of metrological services and the Metrological services of the factories and the organizations in oil and gas complex.

On our web-site you can gain the detailed information regarding and main activities of the Metrological centre, learn a lot of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in metrology and standardization sphere, and also about last important events and news.

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